What is SEM

Google AdWords

What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Google AdWords or SEM Pay Per Click Programs are nothing but a fool’s game where the only winner is Google. SEM is nothing more that the most expensive way to secure the smallest volume of click traffic possible.

AdWords customers set a daily budget and while they can choose the hours in the day or night, their AdWords campaign runs, when the daily budget is reached the campaign stops running.

To rank at the top of the AdWords section advertisers need to bid for keywords and to be prepared to bid a higher price than the competition. Bid prices will need to be monitored daily and increased when necessary in order to maintain ranking and to ensure ad runs frequently.

Ads that appear at the top of the AdWords section attract more click through traffic, which is why Google run an auction on keywords. Similarly the further down the listing your ad appears the smaller the click through traffic you should expect.

Increasing your bid price without increasing your daily budget will result in your campaign running for less time resulting in you paying more for less.

Increasing your keyword bid price and your daily budget will result in a 21% PA increase in campaign costs.

It is our belief that if you do not have a strategy to exit your SEM program then you have more money than sense.

Paying 500% more for 18% of the traffic and an ever-diminishing return on your investment is nothing short of poor judgement.

Given AdWords was the only game in town the decision to engage in this advertising program is understandable. Similarly, it is hard to stop advertising when you become dependent on lead generation and sales that come from programs like Google Adwords.

We do not offer a SEM services, instead we provider a stronger alternative that is far less expensive and will list your website in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) section research has confirmed attracts 82% of the click traffic.