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How to make 1 Million dollars using Google AdWords

Start with 10 million!

In the beginning, Google AdWords could only be described as a brilliant innovation. Born from the genius responsible for the Search Engine’s phenomenal growth and ultimate rise to market leadership, AdWords was the answer to every marketer’s dream.

Over time, the keyword bidding software proved to be one of Google’s strongest inventions and the concept is now used successfully by e-Bay and many other online auction systems. When the AdWords concept was first created, there was great reluctance to introduce it for fear it would compromise the concept that had rocketed Google to market leadership – delivering the most relevant websites for the keyword searched.

The use of an algorithm to decide the most relevant websites for each keyword searched on the internet ultimately gave way to the commercialism of giving the number one spot to the organisation that was prepared to pay the most. From that point on Google ceased to be an impartial judge of relevancy and simply became a money making machine.

Pay more rank higher, there are even software programs that have been developed to spend your money faster than you can. Set and forget because the software looks at the ranked position you want to maintain and just outbids anyone who tries to take your spot. Trouble is, what happens when you have two or three software programs competing against each other. Who wins. The answer is Google.

As the lyrics from the Dire Straits song Money for Nothing go “Get your money for nothing, get your clicks for free” or was it Chicks, either way Google are getting your money but the clicks are certainly not for free.

Bottom line is, if you don’t have a strategy in place to exit Google AdWords and replace the leads and sales generated from this marketing source, then you are going to burn a lot of money.

In the last five years, I have not spoken to a single customer or prospect that has had a strategy to exit AdWords. Many of these people actually struggle to find the money to pay Google so have instead cut back their programs in an effort to reduce their spend. Unfortunately, this is not a strategy but a reaction to higher prices and a reduction in the number of conversions.

I have met some people who believe running a better designed and implemented AdWords campaign is a strategy that can increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) from their ads and the truth of the matter is they are right to some extent. AdWords campaign managers are many things but one thing is they are delusional. They know very well, while it possible to improve any campaign’s performance the costs for prime keywords increases every year and the ROI (Return On Investment) for AdWords is decreasing.

Listed below are five comments on Google I found in various forums that reinforce the points I am making in this blog. There were a lot more but I am limited by space and 100 page blogs are a little long.

  1. In the last six months, I have seen the bids for my best keywords increase anywhere from 100-300% I am getting close to that 0 ROI threshold, where I’ll need to drop AdWords as a means of advertising.
  2. Rather than dropping AdWords, it would likely make more sense to scale back your maximum bids and just get whatever traffic you can within that limit. Figure out what you can afford to bid and still have a positive ROI, and be guided by that, not by what the competition is doing. You might get fewer click throughs as competition increases, but at least whatever traffic comes will put money in your pocket. This delusional response probably came from a Google employee!
  3. If you have $200 to spend and you bid whatever it takes – you will get burned soon and stop. But then, another fellow will take your place in line to through his $200 away. The cycle never ends.
  4. One of my campaigns changed almost instantly from $20 per conversion to $90 per conversion, I think it is because of click fraud and I contacted AdWords -support but I didn’t get any reply.
  5. For 3-4 months conversion varied between $19 and $23 and one month, it was inexplicably 5 times more expensive.

Given Google’s market dominance, it’s not hard to understand why many organisations have been unable to devise a strategy for replacing AdWords but with DNO the SEO Revolution the game has changed.

With 82% of clicks for any search phrase occurring in the SEO section of the Google, any strategy to increase your presence in this section is worth developing. However, what if your strategy could guarantee a page one ranking and potentially deliver multiple top ten listings.

Right now, you have two choices to make.

  1. Finish reading the blog posting and file the information away for some future action.
  2. Buy a copy of DNO the SEO Revolution, develop a strategy and take the required action before one of your competitors does.

DNO the SEO Revolution will deliver outstanding results for the competitor who develops a strategy and takes the required action first. Failure to act now could result in your business being dominated for the next ten years and being forced to compete in the AdWords section where prices are only going to increase and returns diminish.


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