Google SEO — 27 April 2013

Google plans to use Author Rank not to authenticate an author’s credibility but to drive engagement with their failing Google+ Social Media network offering.

Changes to Google’s SEO Algorithm will incorporate Author Rank for one purpose only – to force website owners dependent on Google Page Ranking to maintain or grow their businesses to use their failed Google+ product, or have website’s SEO ranking trashed.

Author Rank has the potential to be more disruptive than all of the Panda updates combined.

Under these proposed changes, if you don’t build an identity around relevant content Published on the Google+ Social Media platform, your website’s SEO ranking will be relegated to two page two or even further down the ranked listing.

Many, if not all of the best SEO practices regarding content strategy for link acquisition, will remain for Author Rank. Following is a small list of strategies that you can apply to grow your Author Rank.

  • Use Google keyword tools and Trends, to ensure popular keywords are included in your articles.
  • Publish consistently on a regular basis (at least one piece of value-charged content a week).
  • Ensure the title of your articles answers what your audience is searching.
  • Copy should be tight and content should become a resource to answer questions and add value for your online community.

Google want you to use Google+ as your identity platform to claim authorship of your content and grab a first class seat when Author Rank is implemented. Once claimed, you will get visibility in search results as your content appears in a type of rich snippet, increasing your click-through rate as a result.

The idea is that, as an author, you won’t risk your reputation by manipulating search rankings and would rather not endorse content inappropriately after establishing a “ranked” reputation.

Finally, outside of Google+, your identity shines most when you help grow your community by attending local meet-ups, conferences or even just providing your expertise for free. It’s also an opportunity to connect your online and off-line voice to one identity, increasing not only your real world clout but also your Author Rank.

Google+ RIPGoogle+ is a Failure

Based on anecdotal and statistical information, it seems the people that are truly involved in any sort of Google+ community are the people that stand to benefit from widespread uptake of the platform and Google themselves.

Bottom line Author Rank is never going to entice the masses into abandoning their long-standing relationship with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

At the moment, Google+ is like a pool of piranhas. The piranhas in this metaphor being online marketers, waiting to segment, target and sell to any real person that dares to step into the water.

Google+ has great features, millions of members and plenty of famous advocates and yet as the diagram below shows it is almost completely devoid of organic life.

In the meantime internet users continue to use Google and seem all too willing to accept the obscene profits ripped from digital marketers trying to promote their products and services on the internet.


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