Google Adwords — 30 October 2013

Research performed by Practical Ecommerce–The-20-Most-Expensive-Keywords  has identified the top 20 CPC (Costs-Per-Click) keyword categories that contribute to Google’s astonishing profit performance. Google is Killing the Golden Goose. It is hard to believe anyone in their right mind would consider paying the following costs simply to have someone visit their website, but they have been and they continue to outbid each other every day.

In fact i have been told that some marketing executives are actually remunerated for achieving the highest rank in the Google AdWords section. Seems crazy to me. What do you think?

Insurance – $54.91 per click
Loans – $44.28 per click
Mortgage – $47.12 per click
Attorney – $47.07 per click
Credit – $36.06 per click
Lawyer – $42.51 per click
Donate – $42.02 per click
Degree – $40.61 per click
Hosting – $31.91 per click
Claim – $45.51 per click
Conference Call – $42.05 per click
Trading – $33.19 per click
Software – $35.29 per click
Recovery – $42.03 per click
Transfer – $29.86 per click
Gas/Electricity – $54.62 per click
Classes – $35.04 per click
Rehab – $33.59 per click
Treatment – $37.18 per click
Cord Blood – $27.80 per click

Can you believe the CPC of the top 20-keyword categories? Not only has Google lost sight of its original objective to list the most relevant websites for each keyword searched but they are now operating without a conscience allowing the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) businesses segment to be priced out of the market. When you considering it was this same SME business segment that helped Google become the dominant advertising force it is today maybe they are entitled to expect a little more consideration.

Meanwhile, Google reported revenues of $9.72 billion in the third quarter of 2011, representing a 33% increase over third quarter 2010 revenues of $7.29 billion, increasing their cash reserves to over 50 Billion Dollars, an increase of a meager 4 Billion in three months.

Google has become a greedy corporation, driven by the need to increase its profit contribution from AdWords, which generates over 90% of the company’s total income. Google may have made its name in search but it is making its fortune from advertising.

Google Analytics

One of the reasons Google offers their Analytics for free is they are able to collect massive amounts of data on web site performance, visitor source and the keywords used to find a website. I am concerned about the amount of information they are able to collect from all the Analytics sources and how they use this valuable information to drive prices higher and squeeze the advertiser’s bottom line profitability.

The data Google collects is stored on their servers preventing you from analysing any historical data, while access to valuable data is lost if you are forced to change any settings. If you have been collecting data for a year in Google Analytics and decide to set up a goal for conversion tracking today, you will only be able to see the conversion data starting tomorrow.

The alternative to using Google Analytics is to install one of the many free Analytics tools that are available. I encourage you to have a look at and determine for yourself what is the best option rather than taking the simple choice.


Every business owner I have ever spoken to about Internet Strategies wanted a page one ranking. Trouble is most of them did not know how to go about achieving it and this dichotomy gave rise to the phrase we often used “A Dream Without a Plan is Just a Wish“.

Battles, are won and lost based on the amount of information known by either side, so why surrender information to Google when, trust me they are going to use it against you in the future.

If you are serious about your website having a prominent position on page one of Google and you are tired of feeding your profits into Google’s cash reserves you need to buy a copy of DNO the SEO Revolution. You will be amazed at the simplicity of the concept and how rapidly the strategy works.


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